Petit Veganne

As a committed creator of exceptional vegan alternatives, we use a unique and demanding artisanal know-how to offer you an unforgettable taste experience.

Who are we?

The birth of the company

Petit Veganne was founded in Sarralbe, in Lorraine, in the North East of France.

Created by Anne GUTH and Yannick FOSSE in April 2017, the start-up began as a micro-enterprise. In November 2017, thanks to the will of the two founders and in view of its growing evolution, Petit Veganne quickly acquired the status of a company.

The aim?

To offer quality vegetarian alternatives, ideal for people with a vegan lifestyle, who are cruelly lacking in cheese. For vegans, vegetarians, lactose intolerant people as well as consumers of gluten free and/or organic products, but also for all those curious in search of new flavours...


Petit Veganne started out in a completely refurbished garage. After extensive refurbishment work, a functional and comfortable workspace of 40m2 was created.

This first production facility allowed the two young entrepreneurs to carry out numerous tests in order to acquire unique and innovative know-how. It also allowed them to launch their first production of Vegetable Specialities, to make their first sales and to hire their first employees.

Since its creation, thanks to rigorous work and perseverance, the company has not stopped growing. It has already hired a dozen people and moved in August 2018 to larger premises better suited to its activity.

The birth of our
of our logo: the fox

Isn't Master Fox a cheese lover in
Fables of La Fontaine?

You will often come across it on your way through the Lorraine countryside.
It is always with admiration that you watch it blossom in its natural state, even for a few seconds. The fox is a very mischievous animal, indispensable for the environment and irreplaceable in the balance of the ecosystem...

We have therefore decided to give it pride of place in the Petit Veganne brand.

The name
of the products

Following the decree of law n°2007-628 of 27 April 2007 on cheeses and cheese specialities, we can no longer use the term vegan cheese. Indeed, milk and its by-products such as cheese, butter, cream and yoghurt are necessarily of animal origin.
Therefore, we will never use the terms: "vegan cheese", "vegetable cheese", "vegetable cheeses", "dairy-free cheese", "lactose-free cheese", "artisanal cheese", etc...

To comply with the law, we have decided to rename our products " Plant Specialities ".

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