Petit Veganne

As a committed creator of exceptional vegan alternatives, we use a unique and demanding artisanal know-how to offer you an unforgettable taste experience.

The production


To obtain a dairy cheese, cheese makers coagulate milk that they have previously inoculated with cultures and ripening ferments (mushrooms, moulds, yeasts, etc.) They thus obtain a mass commonly called the "curd". It is moulded to give the future cheeses their shape, then removed from the mould and salted. The cheeses are then placed in a maturing cellar.

It is during this stage that they will evolve visually and obtain the desired texture and taste, thanks to the work of carefully selected cultures and maturing ferments. There are many different types of cheese, which explains why there are so many varieties available on the market.

Our culinary creations are made from oilseeds, more specifically cashew nuts.

In order to obtain Vegetable Specialities comparable to dairy cheeses, we replace this famous curd with a cashew nut puree. This preparation is then inoculated with vegan cultures and ferments. These micro-organisms work in the heart and on the surface of the products during the maturing process.
After being placed in a mould and removed from the mould, our vegan creations are salted by hand and then left to mature. Before ageing, the products are cared for on a daily basis.

From the reception of the raw material to the dispatch of the final products, all the processing and manufacturing stages are carried out on our premises. The mastery and respect of each of these stages enable us to offer quality artisanal Speciality Vegetables.

Inspired by traditional cheese dairies, we have developed tailor-made working methods adapted to the design of our products.

It was a lot of hard work to come up with our unique craftsmanship.

of the premises

Our premises are maintained with a minimum of products, mainly with very hot water. We are very strict about the cleaning products we use. They must be designed with components of plant origin, without chemical or synthetic products and biodegradable.

The last important point,
they must not be tested on animals.


It is important to meet the requirements of the legislation and to ensure the health of consumers.

As part of our quality approach, we have called on an independent laboratory specialising in foodstuffs to carry out microbiological tests over several weeks for each of our products.

All tests on the following germs were conclusive:


These tests have also enabled us to determine the Best Before Date (BBD) for our entire range of Pant-Based Specialities.

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