Petit Veganne

As a committed creator of exceptional vegan alternatives, we use a unique and demanding artisanal know-how to offer you an unforgettable taste experience.

Raw materials

Our commitment

We are committed to offering you Vegetable Specialities made with high quality ingredients. Our commitment is motivated by three criteria: origin, production and certifications/labels.

Working with producers who have the know-how and perfect knowledge of their production is therefore essential for Petit Veganne.

Cashew nuts

Cashew nuts are the main raw material used for our vegan creations. We have chosen to work with a 100% Vietnamese cashew nut which is valued by 3 labels and certifications:



It is one of the few countries in the world to have patented a mechanical hulling process.


No physical intervention by the workers is necessary when shelling cashew nuts.
The risk of burns from contact with the acidic substance is therefore completely eliminated.


The cashew nuts are then separated from their shells by means of sieves, then from their skins, and finally graded and sorted, again mechanically.


A final manual sorting is carried out on the finished product as you consume it, so it is completely safe and harmless for people in contact with the cashew.

The mechanical dehulling process is one of the strengths of this industry in Vietnam,
very well known for its cutting-edge know-how.

In addition, we have a certificate on honour certifying that no animals are exploited in the cashew
is exploited in the cashew nut plantations used for our Speciality Plants.

Labels and certifications :

Organic means that the products are grown and produced in a natural way, without the use of chemicals. Organic farming, as opposed to industrial farming, is concerned with the environmental impact of its activity and with biodiversity.

FAIR FOR LIFE contributes to improving the living conditions and social benefits of all producers. It promotes sustainable development and supports organisations committed to a partnership approach. It guarantees fair and environmentally friendly working conditions.

FOREST GARDEN PRODUCTS guarantees fair pricing for producers and ensures the preservation of ecosystems by creating micro-habitats rich in biodiversity.

The label also promotes crop diversification and prohibits the use of any synthetic chemicals. FOREST GARDEN PRODUCTS has a high environmental potential as the same importance is given to the use of renewable resources, vegetation and soil and water quality.

Spices &

For the elaboration of our vegan creations, we favour short circuits as much as possible. To do this, we mainly work with a local producer located in the heart of Alsace.

Its ancestral know-how enables it to offer us quality organic products with unrivalled flavours. Its freshly harvested spices and condiments are carefully dehydrated at low temperatures in order to preserve all the richness of their taste as well as their nutritional qualities.

Finally, the salt used in our Vegetable Specialities comes from Guérande
and is neither refined nor treated.


In order to obtain Organic Agriculture certification, our products must not contain more than 5% of non-organic raw materials. Water is the only material used in the design of most food products, but it is not subject to testing by certification bodies.

The water in urban distribution networks is considered to be potable. But during its journey, it comes into contact with various harmful substances (pesticides, fungicides, drug residues, heavy metals, etc.),
drug residues, heavy metals, etc.).

Water being an essential ingredient in the elaboration of our vegan creations, it is for us essential to make them 100% ORGANIC, with pure and dynamised water, not bringing its share of harmful substances. To do this, we have installed a water filtration system using double reverse osmosis, revitalization and dynamization of the water.

Once filtered, the purified water is then ready to be used in the composition of our Vegetable Specialities, without altering the quality, taste and flavour.

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