Petit Frais Summer Spread Bruschetta
Recipe: Bluebell_vegan


15 min





- ½ Petit Frais Bruschetta

- Cherry tomatoes

- 2 Thick slices of farmhouse bread

- Fresh thyme

- Black olives

- Pine nuts

- Balsamic velvet

- Some aluminium foil


Toast the slices lightly in a toaster.

Once out, drizzle with olive oil.

Cut the sandwiches in half crosswise.

In a bowl, mix half the Petit Frais and 3 tablespoons of soy cream.

Spread the mixture generously on the bread.

Add the cherry tomatoes, olives, pine nuts, thyme and a few more pieces of Petit Frais.

Finish with a dash of Balsamic Velvet on the toast.

And it's ready!

Delicious as an aperitif or starter, with a nice salad! 

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