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Sweetness Duo


A soft and flowery crust + a very soft plush... The perfect association for a soft duo!

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You will find in this vegetable speciality all the passion of its creator for authentic cheese flavours.
Just like her, let yourself be surprised with each bite, by the softness of its white bloomy rind which gives way to a fabulous creaminess... It is a product of superior quality and by its unique taste, our Petit Lorrain vegan will amaze you for sure!

We fall for this ball and his dreamy eyes. This plush is made of soft polyester wadding, 100% recycled. It is manufactured by the company Teddy-Hermann, in Germany.

Dimensions :
25 cm x 13 cm x 20 cm


Raw organic* cashew nuts, filtered water, unrefined/untreated salt, lactic ferments, maturing ferments.

* Ingredient from organic farming

Allergen information : Nuts


Remove the packaging before placing the Petit Lorrain in the refrigerator (preferably between 2 and 4°C).

Care tips for plush:
- Wash at 30°C with a wool detergent
- Spin at 600 turns maximum
- Air dry (do not tumble dry)


The respect of the cold chain with a delivery time of less than 72 hours is a particularly important element in order to guarantee the optimal quality of our products.


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